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Lucinda Marie "Lucy" Montgomery is a fictional character in the daytime soap opera, As The World Turns. The character has been played by 5 different actresses. The role was originated in 1991 by an unknown baby. Amanda Seyfried portrayed the character of Lucy in December 2000, but left a month later due to difficulties between her and the creators. Then Peyton List stepped into the role almost a year later on December 14, 2001. Lucy's popular pairing with older bad boy, Dusty Donovan (played by Grayson McCouch) earned her many fans and a lot of publicity. List opted not to renew her contract and her final appearance on the show was on January 25, 2005. Nearly 2 years later, Spencer Grammer took over the role on May 31, 2006. After only 6 months of playing Lucy, Spencer was let go because she never quite caught as much as Peyton List's did. Her final airdate was December 14, 2006. As of December 24, 2008, newcomer Sarah Glendening took over the role of a completely grown up Lucy. She departed from the role on January 7, 2009. Glendening returned to the role on February 26, 2009.

Unknown Infant (1994) Amanda Seyfried (2000-2001) Peyton List (2001-2005) Spencer Grammer (2006) Sarah Glendening (2008-2009, 2009)

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