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Madison James

Madison James
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Sarah Brown
Created by Marlene Clark Poulter
Darrell Ray Thomas Jr.
Duration 2011—
First appearance October 4, 2011
Gender Female
Alias Madison McIntyre
Date of birth 1977 (age 39–40)[1]
Occupation CEO of MadWorld Cosmetics

Madison James is a fictional character from the original NBC soap opera, Days of our Lives. The character first debuts on October 4, 2011 being portrayed soap veteran, Sarah Brown. Brown had previously appeared on General Hospital where she originated the role of Carly Corinthos and later portrayed Claudia Zacchara. Brown also appeared on As the World Turns and most recently The Bold and the Beautiful.

Madison arrives in Salem on October 4, 2011 for a meeting with Titan CEO, Victor Kiriakis and his grandson, Brady Black. From the moment Brady and Madison meet their seems to be a spark between them. Madison agrees to allow Titan to buy out her cosmetics company, MadWorld as long as she maintains total creative control. Madison later hires, Sami Hernandez who turns out to be her childhood best friend from Colorado. Madison is also a rival of Kate Roberts the owner of Countess Wilhemena Cosmetics, who happens to be Victor's ex-wife. Madison is furious when Kate sabotages her plans to put her offices in the new town square. She ends up setting up shop at Titan headquarters where constantly runs into Brady.

Madison and Brady clash when Brady attempts to throw his weight around and she quickly puts him in his place. In November 2011, Madison opens to Brady about how she was the oldest of four children and how her father left the family for a stripper. When they get trapped together at the office during a snow storm, they share their first kiss. After drinking someone, they pass out together and Brady allows Madison to think they slept together. Madison later convinces Brady to visit his father, John who under house arrest and about to go on trial.

Ian McCallister


Dario Hernandez

Charles Woods


Arianna Hernandez

Trent Robbins

Madeline Peterson


  1. ^ Was Sami's childhood best friend in Colorado, they are the same age.

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