She is a character on All My Children. She is portayled by Hayley Evens since 2004 to present. She is the daughter of Bianca Montgomery and Reese Williams. She is the biological daughter of Michael Cambias however he has no legal right to her. Miranda is every close to her paternal uncle. She lives with her mothers and sister.

Beginning of her life that she was raised as Bess Miranda Chandler, and with Babe and JR. Miranda was returnned to her mother to save her life. Miranda was returnned to Bianca and raising for the first time with her sister, Kendall.

In 2006, Bianca decided that she wanted to start a new life in Paris with her daughter and girlfriend, Magge. Bianca and Miranda later returned to revealed that Maggie had cheated. Maggie was considered to be a second mother to Miranda.

Miranda and Reese returned in 2008 after her mother return with her sibling. Miranda meets her sister, Gabrielle. Miranda seems to wonder where her aunt is.

Other names

  • Bess Miranda Chandler (birth name; thought that she was a chandler)
  • Miranda Mona Montgomery(current name)


  • March 24, 2004 (same day as Little Adam)





  • Erica Kane Montgomery (maternal grandmother)
  • Travis Montgomery (maternal grandfather; deceased)
  • Alex Cambias (paternal grandmother)
  • Amelia Cambias (paternal grandfather; deceased)

Uncles and Aunts


  • Ethan Cambias (paternal cousin; deceased)
  • Spike Lavery (maternal half-cousin/paternal step-cousin)
  • Ian Slater (maternal half-cousin/paternal cousin)
  • Gabrielle Montgomery (maternal half-sister/paternal cousin)

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