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Lesley Nicol as Mrs. Beryl Patmore, the Crawley family cook.

Mrs. Beryl Patmore is a character on the series Downton Abbey. She was played for all six seasons by actress Lesley Nicol.

The Crawley family's queen of the kitchen

Mrs. Patmore (the Mrs. was a courtesy title used for all housekeepers and cooks, despite their unmarried status) was the long time cook of Downton Abbey. She was often in charge of her own domain, which didn't always allow her to interact with the rest of the family.

In fact, she usually would only have any contact with Cora Crawley, and usually that is because she would go over the family's menus. However, later on, she would have a lot more contact with the family when she would entertain the children, always being on hand to let them lick the spoon or the plate when they would make cake.

In the first season, she was more cross and often lashing out at the kitchen maid, Daisy Robinson, but as time grew on, Daisy would later become her assistant, in helping shoulder the heavy burden of running the kitchen. This would bond them as friends, although Mrs. Patmore looked at Daisy as kind of a daughter to her.

She encouraged two others to become able to cook. She helped teach Lady Sybil to cook, as she also helped Alfred Nugent, a footman in the house, to cook well enough to be offered a job at the Ritz in London.

She also had medical issues, her eyesight fading, the Earl of Grantham helped her by sending her to a hospital in London, which helped correct her eyesight that she wasn't blind. She also was prone to panic attacks, which also allowed her to be off her feet for a time, as she had Daisy as her assistant.

She also helped Daisy in her studies, paying for them herself, so she could better herself eventually. Mrs. Patmore was also prone to romance, as she fell for a grocer who was quite the ladies man and he dropped her. However, she would laugh about it later on.

She would later cultivate a friendship with Mr. Mason, Daisy's father in-law, which worried her, as she (Daisy) would be afraid that she would lose both of them; but they assured her that they would always be there for her.

At the end of the series, Mrs. Patmore was more relaxed and she and Daisy had a firm and solid friendship as well as a bond akin to Mother and Daughter.

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