Neela Patel
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Teresa Patel
Created by Ron Carlivati
Duration 2011-2012
First appearance November 3, 2011
Last appearance January 11, 2012
Gender Female
Date of birth 1995 (age 21–22)

Neela Patel is a fictional character from the original soap opera, One Life to Live. The character debuts on November 4, 2011 being portrayed by actress, Teresa Patel.


Neela first arrives at the Sun news headquarters and surprises her brother, Vimal Patel at his job. She claims that their parents have sent her to live with him in America. She later admits that she is running away from an arranged marriage and gets upset when Vimal calls her parents to come get her. She is found sobbing by Jack Manning who has just got into a fight with his estranged father, Todd and they leave together. Neela thinks Jack is the dream guy that she's been looking for.

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