The Newman family is one of the core families on CBS daytime soap opera, The Young and the Restless. The family is currently represented by Victor Newman and his four living children, Victoria, Nicholas, Adam and Abby Newman and Victor's three time ex-wife, Nikki. The family is also well known for its long standing feud with the Abbott family.

Family members

First Generation

  • Albert Miller (died 2003) - Son of John Miller
    • Cora Miller (deceased)

Second Generation

  • Victor Newman (born as Christian Miller)
  • Matthew Miller - Lives out of town
  • Rienette Miller (deceased)

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

  • Eve Howard - Victoria's stillborn daughter with Cole Howard
  • Reed Hellstrom (born December 3, 2005) - Victoria's son with ex-husband J. T. Hellstrom
  • Lucy Abbott - Former adoptive daughter of Billy & Victoria
  • Cassie Newman - Daughter of Sharon Collins & Frank Barritt; adopted by Nicholas
  • Noah Newman (born March 3, 1989) - Sharon & Nick's son
  • Summer Newman (born December 18, 2006) - Nick's daughter with Phyllis Summers
  • Faith Newman (born September 30, 2009) - Daughter of Nick of Sharon

Family tree

Albert Miller
Cora Miller
Hope Wilson
Nikki Reed
Victor Newman
Ashley Abbott
Matthew Miller
Riennette Miller
Adam Wilson Newman
Victoria Newman
J. T. Hellstrom
Abby Newman
Phyllis Summers
Nicholas Newman
Sharon Collins
Reed Hellstrom
Cassie Newman
(adopted by Nick)
Summer Newman
Noah Newman
Faith Newman


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