Norman Hewens is the next to last episode of the second season of the series, The Haves and the Have Nots. Like most of the episodes, it was written and directed by Tyler Perry; and it focuses on Jim Cryer still working on getting his son, Wyatt Cryer off on charges of Vehicular Homicide.


Confronted by the District Attorney and several Savannah police officers, Jim is working hard to try to get his son off of the charges. He orders his wife, Katheryn Cryer to turn the kitchen television on. A news bulletin comes on during the telecast of a football game. The arrest of one Norman Hewens (whom was coerced into taking the blame by Jim and his minions, the Malone family, a group of criminals he consorts with) effectively clears Wyatt and a chastised and furious DA leaves the Cryer mansion.

Meanwhile, Amanda Cryer is talking with her psychiatrist. She hides the fact that she is nearing a complete emotional meltdown easily enough, but her mental break is horrifying near.

After the psychiatrist leaves, Hanna Young stops by the Cryer mansion intending on apologizing for all the trouble she had unintentionally caused. The evil Jim orders the former housekeeper off the grounds, but Katheryn wants to see her old friend. Jim still tries to get her thrown off the grounds, but his wife orders her husband in the house. After that, she has a beautiful reunion with her friend, and offers Hanna her old job again. Hanna accepts but wants to wait until Benny Young, her son, is settled in and recovered from his injuries. Katheryn agrees and whispers that "Celine is driving me insane."

After Hanna leaves, Jim is irate that Hanna was rehired and vows to make her life hell if she returns to work. Katheryn effectively puts him in his place by demanding that he rein in Celine, because if she cannot fire Celine, then he cannot fire Hanna. She also demands that if Celine doesn't respect her, then no arrangement will matter and the housekeeper will be fired.

Later on, a young man named Carlos, who works at Cryer's campaign headquarters, drops off some papers. It blows up into a revelation that he is Jim's son, from his affair with Celine!

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