Our Screams Can Last

Our Screams Can Last final title card, circa 2011-2012

Created by Agnes Dixon
Written by Carolyn Michelle Sanderson
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Executive producer(s) Felix Asher (1963–73)
Vanessa Mills (1973–79, 1986–91)
Carolyn Courtney Milleston (1979–86)
Jimmy McLean (1991–92, 1992–94)
Trina Cantrell (1992)
Elizabeth Tillman (1994–99)
Madeline Calhoun (1999–2002)
Deanna Mills (2002–07)
Chris Quarrie (2007–12)
Location(s) New York City, New York (1963–2011)
Albuquerque, New Mexico (2011–12)
Running time 30 minutes (19631977)
60 minutes (19772012)
Distributor BGC Studios
Original channel BGC
Picture format NTSC (480i) (1963–2009)
HDTV (1080i) (2009–12)
Original run March 25, 1963 – September 7, 2012
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Our Screams Can Last is an American television soap opera that aired for 49 years on BGC Television from March 25, 1963 to September 7, 2012.

Our Screams Can Last was created by Agnes Dixon, and began on BGC Television on March 25, 1963 and aired for 30 minutes until July 22, 1977. It expanded to a full hour on July 25, 1977. On February 4, 2011, Our Screams Can Last moved from New York City, New York to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and BGC hoped that it would increase ratings, but the plan was unsuccessful. On April 8, 2011, Our Screams Can Last thumped All My Children in a 59-49 match before ABC canceled loser soap opera All My Children on April 14, 2011. 

On April 2, 2012, Our Screams Can Last was in danger of cancellation, the same day that the Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball team defeated the Kansas Jayhawks men's basketball team on the final NCAA Basketball Championship, two days after the two teams defeated both the Louisville and Ohio State teams in Final Four in New Orleans, Louisiana.

On April 5, 2012, Our Screams Can Last competed against All My Secrets in a matchup, but Our Screams Can Last lost in an 85-60 score to All My Secrets.

On April 12, 2012, BGC announced that it canceled Our Screams Can Last after 49 years due to low ratings. The show taped its final scenes on August 15, 2012, and its final episode aired on September 7, 2012. Its spinoff Universal Lives premiered on March 18, 2013, replacing the now-canceled soap opera Passionate Dreams. On June 17, 2013, BGC replaced Our Screams Can Last with a newly debuted Fraternity Row spinoff called One Line to Cross.


Start date End date Time slot
Run time
March 25, 1963 December 27, 1963 12:00 pm/11:00 am 30
December 30, 1963 July 23, 1976 1:30 pm/12:30 pm
July 26, 1976 November 4, 1977 60
November 7, 1977 September 7, 2012 2:00 pm/1:00 pm

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