James (Simon Williams) bades his beloved Hazel (Meg Wynn Owen) a fond farewell before she dies of the Spanish Flu.

Peace Out of Pain is the Season 4 finale of the 1970s UK period drama, Upstairs, Downstairs. The episode was written by Alfred Shaughnessy and directed by Christopher Hodson. The episode focuses on the final days of WW I; and a sudden death that mars the Armistice Day celebration.

This episode marks the final appearance of Meg Wynn Owen as Hazel Forrest Bellamy, as she passes away in this episode. This also marks Hannah Gordon's upgrading to a regular as her character of Virginia Hamilton marries Richard Bellamy and she becomes the second Lady Bellamy.


It is November 1918 and James and Hazel argue, it is implied that James strikes her, and Hazel runs out crying. When Rose comforts her on the stairs, she realizes she has a temperature. The Bellamy family physician, Dr. Foley soon comes round and tells Hazel that she has caught the Spanish flu that is currently a pandemic. She and James make up, but on 9 November 1918 Hazel dies at Eaton Place. Rose is greatly upset by her death. The funeral is held on 11 November, the day the war ends, at St Mark's Church in Wimbledon. Rose, Hudson, Mrs Bridges and Ruby attend while Edward and Daisy stay behind.

Daisy wants to start a new life outside of service and wants to give two weeks notice, but Edward is more hesitant. That evening, James insists that Georgina, who had been sent home from France due to exhaustion, go to Armistice Party, while Edward, Daisy and Ruby also go out and celebrate.

Meanwhile, Virginia Hamilton sends a letter to Richard saying she'll be arriving in London with her two children that evening. Richard rushes to meet her, and at dinner that evening she agrees to marry him, he having asked her via a letter, and they plan to move to Hyde Park after their marriage. Rose discovers that she has been left £1200 following Gregory's death.

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