The Quartermaine family is a very wealthy and prestigious fictional family on the ABC soap opera, General Hospital. The Quartermaines have been a staple on General Hospital since their introduction in the late 1970s.

Family members

Characters currently on the show are noted in bold; family members through marriage are in italics. Only spouses that were married at the time of the family member's death appear here. Partners that were not married into the family should not appear below the family member's name but can be mentioned next to the child's name.

First Generation

  • Edgar Quartermaine
    • Martha Quartermaine

Second generation

  • George Quartermaine - Son of Edgar and Martha.
    • Ida Zemlock
  • Harold Morgan - Father of Lila and Hal.

Third generation

  • Edward Quartermaine - Son of George and Ida.
    • Lila Morgan - Daughter of Harold, sister of Hal and Edward's wife.
  • Herbert Quartermaine - Edward's first cousin, father of Quentin.
  • Unnamed Male - Edward's brother, son of George and Ida.
  • Hal Morgan - Brother of Lila, son of Harold, Edward's brother-in-law.

Fourth generation

Fifth generation

Sixth generation

Family Tree

Edgar Quartermaine
Martha Quartermaine
Unknown Quartermaine
Unknown woman
George Quartermaine
Ida Zemlock
Unknown woman
Herbert Quartermaine
Unknown Quartermaine
Unknown person
Lila Morgan
Edward Quartermaine
Mary Mae Ward
Beatrice LeSeur
Quentin Quartermaine
Betsy Quartermaine
Alexandria Quartermaine
Larry Ashton
Tracy Quartermaine
Paul Hornsby
Isobel Ward
Bradley Ward
Jimmy Lee Holt
Susan Moore
Alan Quartermaine
Monica Bard
Rae Cummings
Celia Quartermaine
Ned Ashton
Lois Cerullo
Dillon Quartermaine
Faith Ward
Unknown Richardson
Justus Ward
Jason Morgan
Elizabeth Webber
A. J. Quartermaine
Carly Benson
Skye Chandler
Lorenzo Alcazar
Emily Quartermaine
Brook Lynn Ashton
Maya Ward
Jake Spencer
Michael Corinthos
Lila Rae Alcazar


Edgar Quartermaine (deceased)
m. Martha Unknown last name (deceased)
  c. Unknown first name Quartermaine (deceased)
    m. Unnamed woman  
      c. Herbert Quartermaine (died 1983)
        m. Unknown woman
          c. Quentin Quartermaine (died 1983)
            m. Betsy Unknown last name
              c. Celia Quartermaine
                m. Grant Andrews [1983; divorced]
                m. Jimmy Lee Holt [1983-1986; divorced]
  c. George Quartermaine (deceased)
    m. Ida Zemlock (deceased)
      c. Unknown man (deceased)
      c. Edward Quartermaine (born 1918; died 2012)
        a. Mary Mae Courtnee
          c. Bradley Ward (born 1945; died 1974)
            m. Isobel maiden name unknown [dissolved]
              c. Justus Ward (born 1967; died 2006)
              c. Faith Ward (born 1969)
                a. Unknown Richardson
                  c. Maya Ward
                    m. Ethan Lovett [2010-2011; divorced]
            a. Kylie Quinlan 
              c. Unnamed child (1974; miscarriage)
        m. Lila Morgan [August 6, 194?-1983; invalid]
          c. Alan Quartermaine (born 1948; died 2007)
            c. Skye Quartermaine (born 1967) {adopted}
              m. Tom Cudahy [1988; divorced]
              m. Jonathan Kinder [divorced]
              m. Ben Davidson [1998-1999; divorced]
              m. Jasper Jacks [2002-2003; divorced]
              a. Lorenzo Alcazar
                c. Lila Rae Alcazar (born 2006)
            m. Monica Bard [1978-1990; divorced]
              c. A. J. Quartermaine (born 1979)
                a. Carly Benson
                  c. Michael Corinthos (born 1997)
                m. Carly Benson [1999-2000; divorced]
                m. Courtney Matthews [2002-2006; dissolved]
            a. Susan Moore
              c. Jason Morgan (born 1981; died 2012; twin) {adopted by Monica}
                m. Brenda Barrett [2002-2003; annulled]
                a. Courtney Matthews
                  c. Unnamed child (2003; miscarriage)
                m. Courtney Matthews [2003-2004; invalid]
                a. Elizabeth Webber
                  c. Jake Spencer (born 2007; died 2011) {raised by Lucky Spencer}
                m. Sam McCall [2011-2012; dissolved]
                  c. Daniel Morgan (born 2012) {switched at birth with the deceased Victor Lord III}
            m. Lucy Coe [1990-1991; divorced]
            m. Monica Bard [1991-2007; dissolved]
              c. Emily Quartermaine (born 1984; died 2007) {adopted} 
          c. Tracy Quartermaine (born 194?)
            a. Unknown man
              c. Unnamed child (abortion)
            m. Larry Ashton [divorced]
              c. Ned Ashton
                m. Dawn Winthrop [1990; annulled]
                m. Jenny Eckert [1992-1993; divorced]
                m. Lois Cerullo [1994; divorced]
                m. Katherine Bell [1994; invalid]
                m. Lois Cerullo [1995-1997; divorced]
                  c. Brook Lynn Ashton (born 1996)
                m. Chloe Morgan [2000; divorced]
            m. Mitch Williams [1979-1980; divorced]
            m. Paul Hornsby [1991-1994; divorced]
              c. Dillon Quartermaine (born 1992)
                m. Georgie Jones [2006; divorced]
                a. Lulu Spencer
                  c. Unnamed child (2006; abortion)
            m. Gino Soleito [1997; widowed]
            m. Luke Spencer [2005-2010; invalid]
            m. Luke Spencer [2010-2011; divorced]
            m. Anthony Zacchara [2012; dissolved]
        a. Beatrice LeSeur (died 1984)
          c. Jimmy Lee Holt
            m. Celia Quartermaine [1983-1986; divorced]
            m. Charity Gatlin [1987-present]
        m. Lila Morgan [1983-2004; dissolved]
        m. Heather Grant [2004; annulled]

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