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Jenny Tomasin as Ruby Finch

Ruby Finch was a character on the 1970s period dramatic series, Upstairs, Downstairs. She was played by the late actress Jenny Tomasin.

Slow but honest Kitchen maid

A slow-witted, simple but very honest and hard-working woman, Ruby became the permanent kitchen maid after Doris, a replacement for the late Emily, who had killed herself after a tragic love affair.

She was the lowest in the servants staff hierarchy, and as such, she was the usual scapegoat, as was seem to be the case in all households. However, she was usually very hard-working and very honest.

Ruby left for a brief time to work in Silvertown at a munitions factory, but when the town was attacked, and the munitions factory was destroyed, a shattered and emotional Ruby came back to Eaton Place, where she remained, once more as a Kitchen maid.

She worked for a time as the maid of a Mrs. Waddilove, a middle-class dragon who treated her very shabbily; this brought down the wrath of Mrs. Bridges, who told off the nasty and mean woman and brought her kitchen maid home.

At the end of the series, Ruby left with Mr. Hudson and Mrs. Bridges (who had recently married) and moved with them to Hastings, where they began their new lives.

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