This is our Manual of Style.

Currently, the administrators and the maintenance crew members are making one as we speak. Come back periodically to see the progress.

Article Styles

Program article format

Being Expanded

Character article format

All articles should include:

  • The {{Infobox soap character}} with basic information included, such as names of relatives, spouse (with date range included): See Template:Infobox soap character#Relationship parameters for important notes on how to use the relationship tab.
  • Instead of a lead paragraph, the article should start with a short sentence which includes the character's full name, the series name, and the actor currently appearing in the role, maybe even the year in which they started. If the character is fairly new, not much information may be available for an extensive article.
  • For characters with extensive history, who have appeared in mainstream media; the articles are allowed to be a bit more extensive.
    • Conception - Should include real world content with the exception of the "Backstory" section. Should include the character's Backstory, Development, Casting
      • Casting Notation of all the actors who have appeared in the role along with their dates should instead appear in the section, while the current or most recent actor to appear in said role should appear in the portrayer parameter in the Infobox. The casting section should also include the awards received by actors in the role.
      • Development - This section discusses a character what makes the character unique (characterization), the most significant storylines, character transitions, etc.
      • Backstory - If the character has a significant backstory, things that happened off-screen, or events that occurred while the character was aging should appear in the section.
  • Storylines - Section should be written as a biographical outline of the character's history, since their debut on the show; if the character was born on-screen, and aged on-screen, any storylines preceding their first major storyline should appear in Backstory.

"Backstory" section.

  • References - This section should include {{Reflist}} enabling the section to show a list of references used in the article.
  • External Links - Appears after references featuring links outside of Wiki that feature the character.

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