Clauida Corinthos and Sonny Corinthos are fictoral couple on General Hospital since 2008. Clauida is potrayed by Sarah Brown (who has also played Carly Corinthos) while Sonny is played by Maurice Benard.

Beginigns in Bed

Claudia and Sonny had a one-night-stand after being dumped by his ex-fiance` Kate. Sonny and Claudia decided to keep their names a secret but over time, Claudia's identity is discovered and then when Claudia is turned down many times by Sonny, she devises a plan to kill Sonny.

Michael's shooting

Michael being shot, by Ian Devlin which was ordered by Clauida, forces Sonny to quit the business fearing for the people he loves. Claudia makes it simple that she wants Sonny to pay for hurting her. No one knows that Claudia is the one behind it expect for Nikolas. Claudia feels really guilty.

Marriage Proposal

Anthony makes a deal with Sonny after Kate is shot. The deal is that Sonny marries Claudia to join the Zacchara Empire. Although Sonny turns down the offer, as the situation gets worse, Sonny agrees. Sonny doesn't know that Anthony was the one that shot his love. Claudia and Sonny got married in December.

Current Events

Sonny has competle took control of Zacchara organzion and the head of the family. Sonny has told Claudia and Ric that he doesn't want them to have their affair, Claudia broke up with Ric. Sonny learned that Jason's biological son is kidnapped but is refusing to help him because he is now an enemy. Sonny has yet told Morgan and Kristina of their new step-mother. Sonny doesn't see Morgan because of the custody aggreement that Carly forced him to sign. But due to the holiday season, Carly reconsiders and Morgan and Sonny see each other occasionnaly.

Jerry Jacks sends Claudia DVDs to find in the Corinthos Mansion. Claudia is given a clue to find the first DVD. The clue is: the next DVD is hidden in the window of your soul.


Sonny and Claudia are begining to get attatched.

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