Stacy Morascois first seen in Las Vegas on February 6, 2009, using the name "Gigi."[81] She begins spying on Rex Balsom and Gigi Morasco, and later follows them back to Llanview.[82][83] Stacy is revealed to be Gigi's younger sister, and Gigi is thrilled to see her. Gigi is devastated by the news that their parents had died in a car crash years before, and Stacy relates her own struggles since. "Wild" Stacy makes fast friends with Gigi and Rex's son Shane, though Gigi is somewhat uncomfortable with Stacy's influence. Gigi learns that her suspicions of Stacy are right when she comes to the realization that Stacy drugged Rex to take him to bed. Stacy continues to display her negative traits when she poses as the donor match for her nephew.

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