Steve Webber
Steven Webber 2
Scott Reeves as Steve Webber
General Hospital
Portrayed by Martin Hewitt (1979)
Shaun Benson (2004-05)
Scott Reeves (2009—2013)
Created by Douglas Marland
Duration 1979, 2004–2005, 2009—2013
First appearance 1979
Last appearance March 5, 2013
Gender Male
Alias Steven Lars Webber (full name)
Peter "PJ" Taylor, Jr.
Date of birth 1977
Occupation Head of the ER Trauma Unit at General Hospital
Residence Prison in Memphis, Tennessee

Dr. Steven Lars "Steve" Webber is a fictional character on the American daytime soap opera, General Hospital. He has been portrayed by Scott Reeves since December 9th, 2009. Previously, the character had been portrayed by Shaun Benson from September 10th, 2004 to May 20th, 2005, and by Martin Hewitt for a brief period in 1979.






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