Thornton Chandler "T.C." Russell is a fictional character on DirecTV's daytime drama Passions. Rodney Van Johnson portrayed the role from July 5th, 1999 to June 19th, 2007. In July 2006, Van Johnson was dropped to recurring status, where he remained until his final appearence a year later.


T.C. Russell was the only child of James Russell. T.C. was left without a mother for most of his formative years when his mother died and James was left to raise him alone, trying all the while to help T.C. fufill his dream. T.C. developed a grudge against wealthy heir Julian Crane, which would continue through most of his life.

One dark night, T.C.'s life would change forever, shattering his dreams and shaping the darkest events of his future. While driving home, his car was struck by a car belonging to Julian, damaging T.C.'s knee and bringing an end to his future career. James continued to perpetuate the idea that Julian had intentionally caused the accident in an effort to remove the only true competition he had from the tennis courts. T.C., who deeply admired his father, believed that Julian had been the driver, as no evidence to the contrary was given. (In 2004, it would be revealed that T.C.'s wife, Eve, was the driver).

T.C. grew bitter and often times, when provoked, could become physically violent. A short while after the accident, T.C. suffered yet another harsh blow when James succumbed to heart failure and died. This continued to perpetuate his hatred of the Crane family, believing his father had died of a broken heart.