Taylor Walker
Days of our Lives
First appearance August 6, 1998[1]
Gender Female
Alias Taylor Raines
Date of birth circa 1984
Occupation Head of Marketing at Titan
Residence Bollywood, India

Taylor Mendez-Walker (formerly Raines) is a fictional character from the original NBC soap opera, Days of our Lives. The character of Taylor is first introduced on August 6, 1998 being portrayed by actress Katherine Ellis. Ellis departs in May 1999. In January 2011, the character is recast with soap opera actress, Natalia Livingston. However, Livingston is let go in April 2011 after the writers to decide to take the character of Taylor in another direction. Actress, Tamara Braun debuts in the role on April 26, 2011.[2] Braun had previously played the character of Ava Vitali in 2008. Taylor is known to be a boyfriend stealer. She left the show in summer 2011, accompanying her boyfriend Quinn and his mom Vivian to India.


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