This is a list of significant dates from the CBS daytime soap opera, The Young and the Restless. The list includes wedding dates, birth dates (on-screen and off-screen) and death dates.



Date Character Parents Info Reference
October 25, 1928 Katherine Chancellor Unknown parents [1]
June 29, 1951 Jack Abbott John Abbott and Dina Mergeron Graduated from Harvard in 1973
September 29, 1954 Jill Fenmore Neil Fenmore revised to 1957, then 1950
September 29, 1957 Tucker McCall Arthur Hendricks and Katherine Chancellor Revised to 1950
May 20, 1960 Paul Williams Carl and Mary Williams Changed to September 13
June 1, 1960 Nikki Reed Nicholas Reed and Unknown woman Revised to 1950
April 29, 1960 Ashley Abbott Brent Davis and Dina Mergeron 22 in June 1982 [2]
June 14, 1974 Phyllis Summers George Summers and Lydia Callahan Revised to 1968
September 17, 1975 Sharon Collins Doris Collin and Unnamed father revised to 1971 [3]
February 24, 1984 Mackenzie Browning Brock Reynolds and Amanda Browning Turned 16 on in 2000.
May 25, 1988 Ryder Callahan and Daisy Carter Tom Fisher and Sheila Carter [4]
February 7, 1988 Devon Hamilton Tucker McCall and Yolanda Hamilton Said to be 18 in February 2006 [5]
August 17, 1993 Daniel Romalotti Brian Hamilton and Phyllis Summers Revised to 1987


Date Character Parents Info Reference
December 25, 1976 Phillip Chancellor, III Phillip Chancellor, II and Jill Fenmore revised to 1970
November 17, 1982 Victoria Newman Victor Newman and Nikki Reed revised to 1971
March 1988 Chance Chancellor Phillip Chancellor III and Nina Webster [6]
December 31, 1988 Nicholas Newman Victor Newamn and Nikki Reed revised to 1972
July 7, 1993 Billy Abbott John Abbott and Jill Fenmore Revised to July 22, 1983 [7]
June 26, 1995 Lily Winters Malcolm Winters and Drucilla Barber Changed to 1987




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