Tom Hardy
General Hospital
Portrayed by David Wallace
Matthew Ashford
Duration 1971–1974, 1981–1982, 1987–1993, 1995–1997
First appearance 1971
Last appearance 1997
Family Hardy
Gender Male
Date of birth 1965 (age 52–53)
Occupation Psychiatrist
Residence Africa

Thomas "Tom" Hardy, Jr.




Tom returned to Port Charles in 1987 to begin work as General Hospital. Meanwhile, Steve hires beautiful African American doctor, Simone Ravelle not knowing she and Tom were once lovers. they try to resist one another, but they eventually reunite.[1] Tom and Simone finally marry on February 26, 1988, but their union isn't accept by everyone. In March 1988, Tom is suspended when he assaults a patient for making prejudiced remarks toward his now pregnant wife; the stress causes Simone to miscarry. Simone decides she needs to get away and takes cruise around the world with her mother, Dr. Pauline Ravelle. Meanwhile, Tom rejected the advances of an obsessed patient, Louise Knotts. He and Simone reconciled upon her return.[2] Later, Tom assisted Colton Shore in recovering his memory.[2]



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