First, and foremost, welcome to Soap Opera Wiki, and my name is Sundogs and I am the founder and administrator here on Soap Opera Wiki. Let me tell you the exciting things that are happening to this wiki. First off, as you might have seen, is the achievements that was impleminted at midnight GMT time on January 1, 2011 or 7 PM EST in the New York City and 4 PM PST in Los Angeles on December 31, 2010. With this activated, I am encouraging those to login everyday and edit here and there when they can. Let me tell you something, each day you login and edit for entire year, or 365 uninterrupted days, you will receive a special badge worth a lot of points when you edit on the last day of this process. Basically saying, when you login and edit everyday for 365 days and not missing one day of editing, will will be recognized by getting a Platinum badge; which is worth 250 points. So, I dare you to come here everyday and edit. It does not matter if it is small amount or a whole lot. So, lets get cracking. Secondly, over at 2011 Sample Ballot is where you need to go and evaluate us as a whole. If you have ideas or things that needs to be added or what, leave my talk-page and I will post it as soon as we have enough questions to do a general vote. Thirdly, we like to hear from you about how our administration team is doing. Go to here and post your comments. And lastly, I am going to revamp the administration team with the comments left at the specified place, mentioned a few moments ago, and I will think things over when the time come.

Thanks for stopping.

Sundogs Current wikis' talk pageWikias' Talk PageWikis Managing 18:20, January 16, 2011 (UTC)

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