Family tree



Mary Mae Courtnee (born 1926; died 1996)
  m. Buddy Powers [1944; widowed]
  a. Edward Quartermaine
    c. Bradley Ward (born 1945; died 1974)
      m. Isobel Ward
        c. Justus Ward (born 1967; died 2006)
        c. Faith Ward (born 1969)
          a. Unnamed male
            c. Maya Ward
              m. Ethan Lovett [2010-2011; divorced]
      a. Kylie Quinlan
        c. Unnamed child (miscarriage)
  m. Dan Ward [1946-1969; widowed]
    c. David Ward
      m. Margaret Ward
        c. Roy Ward
        c. Unnamed male
        c. Keesha Ward (born 1974)
    c. Idios Ward
      m. Unknown male
        c. Unnamed child
        c. Unnamed child

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