Lord Gilmour (Anthony Ainley) is defiant about his dalliance with Lady Tewksbury.

WHAT THE FOOTMAN SAW was the tenth episode of the Third Series of the 1970s period drama Upstairs, Downstairs. It was written by Jeremy Paul and directed by Cyril Coke. The episode was kind of a continuation from the episode, The Bolter, as events from that episode come into play in this episode.


Edward, the footman at 165 Eaton Place, is enjoying some down time at the Crown and Anchor, a pub frequented by butlers and footmen in the Belgravia area. During a gossip session, Edward reveals the details of what had occurred during his time as valet for James Bellamy at Sommerby House.

This sends a private investigator, working for solicitor Sir Geoffrey Dillon, to report this to his client, a Colonel Harry Tewkesbury, who immediately begins divorce proceedings against his wife, Natalie. Edward, who was witness to the goings on, is compelled to go to court to tell what had happened. This angers Mr. Hudson towards Edward, and scolds him harshly.

Richard Bellamy asked Lord Charles Gilmour, who was named as Mrs. Tewkesbury's lover, and who has tried to bribe Edward, over for a solemn talk. He still refuses to give up Lady Tewkesbury, and the glory of being a rising star in the Tory party. As for the bribe, Edward immediately tells Hudson about it, and advises his footman to donate it to charity, which Bellamy agrees should be done.

At the Crown and Anchor, the private investigator threatens Edward in full view of the pub. Hudson comes in and helps the drunk Edward out, and threatens the Private Investigator if he ever is caught doing what he had done to Edward again. Hudson then also tells off another butler, named Trumper, about the evils of gossip. He then leaves the Crown and Anchor, never to return, with Edward in tow; and then Trumper hypocritically brags about how he keeps his subordinates away from pubs.

Harry takes his wayward wife back, after a row nearly erupts between him, Richard, and Sir Geoffrey Dillon. While she was separated from her husband, she was staying with Lady Prudence Fairfax. After this, Edward never returns to the pub and the episode ends when he and Daisy go out to the cinema.

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