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Will Horton
Guy Wilson as Will Horton
Guy Wilson as Will Horton
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Shawn & Taylor Carpenter
Darian Weiss
Christopher Gerse
Dylan Patton
Chandler Massey
Created by James E. Reilly
Duration 1995–2007, 2009—
First appearance November 16, 1995
Family Horton/Brady
Gender Male
Date of birth December 1992 (age 21)[1]
Occupation Journalist
Residence Salem, USA
Alternate performer(s)
Dylan Patton as Will Horton
Chandler Massey as Will Horton

William "Will" Horton, III is a fictional character from the original daytime soap opera, Days of our Lives. The character of Will is born on-screen on November 16, 1995 and is currently being portrayed by Guy Wilson who stepped into the role in 2014.


The role is originated by twins, Shawn and Taylor Carpenter on November 16, 1995. The Carpenters last appear as Will on July 2, 2002. Actor Darian Weiss makes his debut as Will on September 2, 2002 and last appears on July 2, 2003. Christopher Gerse then steps into the role on September 8, 2003. After nearly five years with the series, Gerse made his last appearance as Will on January 4, 2008. Actor Dylan Patton takes over the role on February 27, 2009 as a contract cast member. Patton would depart from the role on January 20, 2010. The role was then recast by actor, Chandler Massey who first appeared as Will on February 1, 2010.


Will is born into chaos on November 16, 1995 to Sami Brady. At the time he is believed to be the son of Austin Reed. However, in 1997, it is learned that Will's biological father is none other than Austin's half-brother, Lucas Roberts. Over the following years, Will between his parents who fight for custody; Sami's rivalry with his grandmother, Kate also starts due to Sami's lies. Lucas and Sami's off-on relationship leaves a young Will with some resentment about his parents never staying together. After Sami re-marries Austin, and Lucas marries his aunt Carrie Brady, Will for the first time feels content with his parents relationships. However, after Sami destroys her marriage to Austin, an upset Will runs away from home. Sami believing her son was kidnapped reports it to the local news station and Will returns. Sami and Lucas reconcile and finally marry in June 2007. Will believes his life can be normal again, but his parents are torn apart thanks to the feud between the Brady and DiMera families. Will is furious when his mother decides to marry EJ DiMera to end the feud and his parents send him to live with Austin and Carrie in Switzerland. He eventually returns, but his behavior is so out of control that Sami and Lucas send him back to Switzerland in January 2008.



Teenage Will returns to Salem in February 2009 and moves back in with Sami. Will befriends Mia McCormick and they grow close. In June 2009, after the death of his sister, Grace, Mia and Will begin dating. Will soon learns that Mia had a child with her ex-boyfriend, Chad Woods and that child was actually Grace. Chad and Mia begin bond over Grace's death, much to Will's dismay. In November 2009, Will breaks up with Mia after learning that she has been seeing both him and Chad.



  1. ^ New Years Eve 2013 is mentioned on December 27/30, 2013. Will kept on mentioning his surprise birthday party through mid-late December 2013. Plus, his age was listed as 20 in June 2013.

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